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Please be advised that effective DECEMBER 15, 2022 the Grand Junction location for Lynx Healthcare will be
Medication Management Patients:
❖ You will be called to schedule a final medication management appointment with a final prescription to
be provided. The length of the prescription will be at the discretion of your provider.
❖ Please see the attached list of alternative locations for you to receive ongoing medication management.

Interventional Procedure Only Patients:
❖ Please see the attached list of alternative locations for you to receive ongoing care.

--For Medical Records--

❖ Dr. K. Lewis patients: Please contact his office for medical records associated with Western Rockies
Interventional Pain Specialists.
➢ Ph: (970) 270-2259

❖ Lynx Healthcare and previous Colorado Injury and Pain Specialists patients:
➢ Please contact us as outlined below for a medical records release form that can be mailed or
sent electronically.
➢ As per CO State Law, your records will be maintained with Lynx Healthcare for a period of at
least 7 years.
Use the form submission or text option.
Call 509-591-0070

Choose the option for Medical Records, then ask for a medical records release form.

Healow Patient Portal

Send a web encounter to request a medical records release form.

Grand Junction Location
Request a form to complete at your final visit

❖ Referrals to these locations will need to come from your primary care provider.
❖ These Options are simply what is available in the Grand Junction area. We do not have a collaborative
agreement with them for patient care transfer.

Patient’s Primary Care Provider
Please contact your primary care provider to discuss
Rivers Edge Pain Specialists
Heather Smith, NP

*Does not accept Rocky Mountain, Kaiser, or Aetna Health Plans

2249 Broadway, Suite 8
Grand Junction, CO 81507
970- 314-7094

Best Life Wellness
Kathy Mickinney, NP
2235 N 7th Street, Suite 7
Grand Junction, CO 81505

For Rural Patients in NW CO:

For Rural Patients in SW CO:

Lynx Healthcare
3864 Masthead St NE, Suite E-2
Albuquerque, NM 87109